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With a full roster of professional musicians from China, We offer a rich variety of Chinese musical performance, entertainment and education programs for any private occasion or corporate events.

We provide the unique and beautiful Chinese music service to make your private occation and your Company’s event a more successful one. We also can provide you our great quality of audio and visual system to your event.

While you were enjoying Chinese music, You may also amazed by the Chinese instruments which you may never seen it before. We will share with the American audience and the American Childrens about the Chinese musical history background and the Chinese instrument knowledgement.

Upcoming Performance
& Events

If you are interested in coming to our performance and public events, please e-mail us. We will be happy to put you in our mailing list and inform you the group’s future coming performance and public event schedule and news.
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Performance Request

It would be our priviledge to play the Chinese music for you and your event, If you would like to have any inquire about our Chinese music performance and service, please e-mail us or call us at: 267-251-6588

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